My Body Is Not A Wonderland.

What sucks is that I actually could have an awesome body if I worked for it. In the back of my mind I know that I only need trim off my chubs and tone everything up. Like seriously my laziness kills me, I have the body slate that could potentially make other girls envy me the way I envy them. Speaking of, I need to work out. There is a huge circle I go in, I say I hate my body, I depress myself, and I eat about it. My fat mostly collects in a gross inner tube like roll of fat around my waist. It’s the worst, even if I’m in one of my slimmer stages I still can’t dress “hot” because the fatty parts I would have is sitting on my waist as if to say “hey y’all I’m a hot cupcake”.

To make matters worse… well more ironic really, I have a tattoo that represents energy. It’s a moon glyph symbol, often used in witchcraft but whatever. It looks like a semi colon with a loopy coma and an extra dot inside the comma. This is supposed to be a reminder to keep high energy and to get my life together. I struggle with depression so falling into a lazy slump every now and then happens unfortunately.

So with ‘energy’ literally branded on me I need to get my ass into shape and become more committed to working out.

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